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Northern New Hampshire and Vermont

Sykes Building offers a number of quality home products.  We will build your custom home and we offer a nice variety of traditional and rustic homes.

If you give us an idea of what you want for your rustic log or timber home, we can have our Crockett architect work on the plans.  Your home will be a custom home, and we want it to be your dream home

Log Homes – Sykes Custom Homes Builders

Sykes Building Log cabin

Sykes Building can build a traditional or modern log home. We offer a number of log styles, both round and flat. As custom home builders, this is just one example of what we have done.

Sykes Building – Log Home Siding

Sykes Building, Custom homes builders constructed this log sided garage

Sykes Building can also save you money, but still give you a log home look. This garage was stick built, using a log siding. Most people would never know the difference!

Timber Frame Homes – Sykes Building

Sykes Building timber frame home

Sykes Building custom homes builders offer top of the line timber frame homes. This beautiful Crockett timber frame home has white sheet rock walls that contrast nicely with the lovely timbers.

Post and Beam Homes – Sykes Custom Homes Builders

Post and beam house by Sykes Building

A post and beam home has lovely timber posts and beams that add rustic beauty. Sykes Building can build you a post and beam home like this one.

Structural Insulated Panel Homes – Sykes Building

Sykes Building structural insulated panels Crockett home

A Sykes Building structural insulated panel home, using R-Control panels from Crockett. The home looks like a traditional stick home on the outside, but it offers wonderful comfort inside and outstanding energy efficiency.

Sykes Building Project

Sykes Building, custom homes builders, constructed this home

This home is a cute design for a SIPs or structural insulated panel home. Built by Sykes Building, the home has an efficient design and would make a nice seasonal or year-round home.

Structural Insulated Panel Home – Sykes Building

Sykes Building ranch home with porch

This home was stick built by Sykes Building, custom homes builders.  The home could also be built, using structural insulated panels (SIPs), giving it extremely high energy efficiency.

Sykes Building – 2 Story Home

2 story home built by Sykes custom homes builders

This 2 story home, built by Sykes Building, is an efficient design for the Northeast Kingdom. Small windows conserve energy for this larger home. Building with SIPs would allow the owner to have a few larger windows and still save up to 50% on energy costs.

Log SIPS Home – Sykes Building

Sykes Custom Homes Builders

Sykes custom homes builders also can build a SIPs Log home. Ultra energy efficient, the home has structural insulated panels with half round log siding. You would never know that it is not a traditional log home made from round logs!

Hybrid Timber Frame – Sykes Custom Home Builders

Custom Homes Builders hybrid timber frame home

This is a Crockett hybrid timber frame home. It uses structural insulated panels and post and beam features, including decorative timber beams. A beautiful compromise, it costs less than a traditional timber frame with mortise and tendon joints.

Need some ideas for floor plans and house designs?  You’ll find a number of log and timber frame house plans at Crockett Log & Timber Frame Homes.